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SDYA Committee

The SDYA Committee has an important job! It is there to guide and advise the SDYA in what it should be doing, and also to make sure the SDYA continues to meet the aims, and the needs and expectations of young Deaf people in Scotland. It acts like a ‘middle person’ between the SDYA and the young Deaf community.

Here is a list of what the SDYA Committee does:

  • Advising and giving support to the project staff
  • Are involved in decisions about the SDYA’s work and its future
  • Is responsible to make sure the SDYA knows what young Deaf people want from the SDYA
  • Promoting the SDYA to young Deaf people in Scotland
  • Providing skills and experiences from each Committee member to enable the SDYA to work effectively.

New members are always welcome! If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact the SDYA!